Support Local

Dig It Dogs is an amazing local place providing Dog Day Care Center, Dog Training and Pet Sitting. They provide a safe and loving home away from home for your wonderful pet. This place is highly Kaiser approved. Check out and follow Dig It Dogs facebook page, click on the dog to find them.

Dog treats handmade with love ~ Small batches with a long shelf life ~ Using whole food ingredients and no fillers ~ Registered with NYS Department of Agriculture 

Made to Order Dog Collars ~ Big Dogs (like Kaiser) deserve fun collars, too! Are you tired of seeing cute, fun collars that don’t come in your dog’s size?
At LaVilla Dog Works, we specialize in Big Collars for Big Dogs (and make smaller ones, too). Choose your collar’s style, width and size and get a fit that’s just right!

Certified Dog Groomer! Also, Kaiser approved. At My Paw Place, we pamper your pooch with the best service they deserve, a one on one special treatment. That is why we go by appointment only. We take your dog on your given schedule and we call you for pick up. Your pooch will never stay in a kennel.